5 Advantages dApps can provide over Traditional apps in Social media

Decentralization is not just a fad, but a Superior form of platforms

The current Social Media approach relies on an extreme responsibility held by just 1 Platform. Conflicts are inevitable when there is a clash of interests between Users, Creators, Advertisers, or Governments within the platform. As users and Creators don't have any real competing platforms in the global scenario, They are at the mercy of the hegemony by the provider. Decentralization attempts to change this status quo.

People need a Trustable, Predictable, and Free Platform. This trust can move from a closeted company Policy to the open Blockchain Protocols. Due to its predictable status, it can provide creators with the necessary security and stability to perform on the platform.

Decentralization is the future, no doubt.

Provider, Not a Governor!

A service provider and a service content Governor have been largely the same entity.

The world is a diverse place, Diverse in an unimaginable way. Unforeseen requirements of users, protection, or spam are poorly met by just one platform provider. As the nature of Social media requires it to be, all in 1 place, We are forced in this temporary arrangement which cannot suffice for the future.

How do we evolve Social media platforms, then?

We must distinguish between a service provider and a service Governor as two separate entities, which opens up a new dimension of freedom. Governance moves to publications not provided by the platform provider.

Governance changes hands from a Company to Users & Creators. Naturally, the platform's acceptability, trust, and convenience grow.

User Privacy and their Dignity.

The business model of traditional Social Media services performs best by spying on its users. The inevitable truth is that no amount of Privacy Laws can protect its users from these predatory models.

“The secret of change lies not in fighting the old, but building the new.” — Socrates

How is decentralization going to change this?

Well, business in web3 relies more on user-to-user engagement, rather than user-to-platform. The platform providers can only make money if they have a strong currency. It also liberates the platform as the founders are really not a significant part of the system.

Trust The Chain!

An App built on decentralized principles uses the blockchain for its protocols. This ensures that everyone can see what is actually going on behind the scenes.

The blockchain is predictable.

This means all functionality behaves in a very predictable way. An unavoidable step means all apps are technically open-source.

You are assured that your funds and your content will never be hogged up by digital bullies!

Nimble Business Practices

The current World of crypto brings with it exciting new forms of digital interaction. NFT’s, Digital property rights, the Metaverse, Tokens, DAO to just name a few.

All Web3 fancy terms can be very easily integrated into a Web3 Application.

The current trends show that these services are the norm, not just a gimmick to the working of the app. Like AAVERiskDAOUniswap, and CryptoKitties.

Today’s Social media services are very fragmented. It will not match the competence that Web3 apps provide.

Nobody left behind..

In today's Apps, A user from any part of the World is not able to avail of all features provided by a Social media App. This is especially true in things like Pay-outs. Reaching countries by host service is not very easy, as they follow traditional finance routes.

In a Decentralized future, every account would receive all the features and get all treatment. Marching 1 step closer to #digitalEquality

All you’ll ever need is a phone!



As the world moves forward and with the advent of decentralization, a lot is going to change in the digital world. Particularly, in the Social media domain, significant change is to be expected.

Platform Providers are going to see their roles changed from being Content governors to nothing more than providers i.e. they make sure a video runs when you click. This shift in the role is going to make Governments, Users, Creators, and Advertisers a lot happier as governors would be deterministic protocols. The Current business practices which rely on User data hogging are no longer going to be prominent, as the business model changes.Web3 brings with it a lot of perks like NTF's, DAO's, etc. which will improve user-to-user interaction than current practices.

True digital Equality will be observed, as any account is able to use the full functionality of the App.

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