About my first entrepreneurial idea

One day, I saw the Ukrainian flag made of coloured gravel. Blue and yellow rubble covered a vast area of the slope, and I was fascinated. I decided to learn how to paint rubble and sell them to landscapers. This was seven years ago, and it was a time full of adventures, from selecting paints and searching for a concrete mixer to choosing proportions and washing crushed stones.

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  I even had to dry the painted rubble. As a result, my painting quality was perfect. I found out much later that the paint's quality was so good because I did not allow the paint to dry in direct sunlight.

The paint did not wash off in the water and did not crack in severe frosts. The paint did not even change colour after a year after lying in direct sunlight. And of course, I used hammer paint, which is typically used for painting aircraft. There were cool times, and thanks to that experience, I started selling landscape stones later on.  

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