🌟 Conquer Web3 Hackathons effortlessly with BuildBear! 🐻✨

As a Web3 developer, it’s crucial to have the right resources. BuildBear provides all the necessary tools in one place.

Let’s address some common challenges Web3 developers face and see how BuildBear comes to the rescue!

1️⃣ Test Token:No more begging or borrowing from friends for Testnet Tokens!BuildBear provides you with the faucet, allowing you to mint native and ERC20 tokens whenever you need them.Say goodbye to scarcity and focus on building! 💧

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Mint Test Tokens

2️⃣ Debugging Failed Transactions 🕵️‍♀️Debugging a failed transaction can be a real headache.BuildBear advanced trace, help you trace those failed transactions, identify the exact point of failure, and analyze the functions and parameters involved.No more guessing games! 🐞

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Transaction Trace

3️⃣ Testing on Mainnet StateWith BuildBear You can fork Ethereum, Polygon, Binance, Optimism, Arbitrum, Fantom, and Avalanche chains, allowing you to test your projects on the actual Mainnet state.Get a real-world perspective without the risks. 🌐

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4️⃣ Transaction speed ⏱️

Tired of waiting for Transactions to get processed?With BuildBear, standard test scripts involving 10 transactions can be completed in less than 26 seconds, whereas on Public Testnet (such as Sepolia), the same process may take over 2 minutes.More time for coding, less time for waiting! 🚀

5️⃣ 📸 Snapshot Feature

Capture the state of the blockchain environment with ease and execute transactions within the snapshot. This powerful functionality allows for seamless testing of various scenarios on a contract without the need for redeployment.Save time and effort!

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6️⃣ Manipulate Block TimestampWith the BuildBear Advance Time feature, the ability to modify the time on your Testnet enables you to test time-sensitive features without limitations.

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Manipulate Time

7️⃣ Impersonate AccountsPretend to be another wallet that existed before your Testnet creation. This feature is particularly helpful for testing the effects of transactions in situations such as DAO voting, LP pool withdrawals, and more.

BuildBear has been created for all Web3 developers, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional. It enhances the efficiency of your web3 projects and adds a unique touch to your work!

With its array of incredible features, why wait any longer?

Begin your BuildBear journey today: https://www.buildbear.io/

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