D3V Library

Introduction to web3 curated knowledge base

About the project


D3V Library aims to be center point of wisdom for both newbies and advanced web3 developers in form of a curated knowledge base, which consists of modules:

1.Guides & Tutorials across 30+ blockchain smart contract platforms.

2.Definitions to understand concepts of smart contract languages, standards, and protocols.

3.Tooling and list of code libraries to make development easier at any stage on any blockchain ecosystem.

4.Bits with exemplary Github repos — inspiration is a crucial part for evolution of open-source projects, this fact pays twice in web3. (planned for 6/2022)

5.Researches to help you understand DeFi & development trends before the market hits. (planned for 8/2022)

6.Releases & Announcements of new tools/blockchain versions and features you might be interested in. (planned for 7/2022)

More about modules in upcoming weeks…

Motivation behind

There are some gaps in builder space I would love to help solve:

Duplicated topics & problems

Hundreds of tech writers are spending precious time describing the same procedures again and again, as the space grows it lacks more and more central point of knowledge so devs and enthusiasts have to do ineffective research and waste some additional time.

Chain specific knowledge

My goal is to cover any crypto development topic with 2–3 top articles in quality format written from anyone across the internet, fill the maximum amount of problematic areas in the database and let users search and filter what they need in UI.

Cross-platform battle began and each of the platforms is focused to develop its own ecosystem and core base of developers. To keep a competitive advantage some clusters are working hard to improve the developer experience. (Cosmos, Polkadot)

D3V Library aims to gather and aggregate knowledge cross-language and cross-platform, help devs to realize which opportunities are hidden, which skill set is needed, and which technology could provide nice and warm DX.


- Check d3vlibrary.com and browse hundreds of dev articles related to web3…and many more to come :)

- Follow latest project updates on my Medium channel

- Discuss your ideas and dev struggles on Discord channel

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