dArticle Is Now Powered by The BNB Chain!

Writers can now create article NFTs using the BNB Chain

dArticle powered by BNB Chain
dArticle powered by BNB Chain

We are excited to announce that writers can now create articles using the BNB Chain!

With this addition, dArticle now offers writers and content creators more flexibility while publishing and monetizing their work. Writers can tokenize their precious work and articles into ERC-721 NFTs using the BNB Chain.

Articles that are ERC-721 NFTs provide a proof of ownership for your articles. Every article is linked to your address and you have complete control over it. 

The BNB or the Build 'N Build Chain is a community-driven chain aiming to create a fair, decentralized, and permissionless ecosystem. Binance has created the BNB chain for creators and inventors.

The BNB Chain is EVM compatible and designed to be fast and efficient, with lower transaction fees. These key factors make it a perfect fit for dArticle. 

Publishing your article to the BNB Chain is simple with a few clicks. Once you are done writing and editing your article, click the "Submit" button. This opens up the story preview, where you will be able to see something new - the "Choose Chain" option. 

Choose the BNB Chain and click on Create Article. It's that simple. 

With its new support for the BNB Chain, dArticle is poised to become an even more powerful tool for content creators looking to publish their work on the blockchain.

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