Digital Autonomy and Lifetime Ownership? SourceLess Opens the Gates to the New Web

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In the fast-paced world of technology, change is inevitable. SourceLess, a visionary company dedicated to transforming the way we interact online, has emerged from its intensive, years-long development phase to redefine the web experience. With the recent launch of wNFT.store and STR Domains at WEB3 Berlin, SourceLess is set to revolutionize digital ownership and empower all people with lifetime control over their online presence.

The need for change — what started it all

In a world dominated by centralized systems and limited control, SourceLess recognized the necessity for a new approach. The web needed a fresh perspective that prioritized ownership, security, and innovation. With this realization, Alexandru Stratulat embarked back in 2016 on a mission to develop from the ground up highly innovative solutions that would empower individuals and reshape the digital landscape. Now, alongside a dedicated team of tech and freedom enthusiasts at what became SourceLess, his vision is coming to life as we release these revolutionary solutions to the world.

Advantages of the SourceLess approach

SourceLess addresses critical challenges faced by conventional blockchain technologies. It leverages innovative solutions for scalability, energy efficiency, cost reduction, and user-friendliness. The SourceLess ecosystem’s small-scale validation nodes ensure high transaction capacity and speed, while consuming minimal energy. Additionally, SourceLess’s hybrid exchange, embedded AI technologies, and military-grade security measures create a seamless and secure digital environment.

Digital ownership like never before: the power of wNFT.store & STR Domains

With wNFT.store, SourceLess opened the doors of hybrid blockchain technology to a wider audience, going beyond the usual NFT marketplaces. It introduced a new paradigm of digital ownership, where users can tokenize a diverse range of assets and experiences. From digital collectibles to real-world assets, wNFT.store empowers individuals to truly own and control their digital assets in an extraordinary, unprecedented way.

How it works

The wNFT.store gives you access to STR Domains — the cornerstone of SourceLess’s vision for a decentralized web. These domains (represented by every wNFT on the platform) offer more than just a web address; they stand for a unique digital identity and a gateway to autonomy within the intelligent ecosystem. With STR Domains, users can create websites or applications with simple voice commands, enjoy maximum security for ownership and transactions, and leverage the scalability and communication tools within the ecosystem.

By paying a modest one-time fee, anyone can get an STR Domain and gain instant lifetime ownership of their online presence, eliminating the need for renting domains (basically…forever), relying and depending on centralized systems.

In a world plagued by data breaches and identity theft, STR Domains offer maximized security for your online identity. With a smart contract powered by STR Domains, you can ensure that your data is protected and used only as you desire.

But that’s not all. STR Domains also provide a communication ID through our P2P Chat, enabling seamless connections with individuals and businesses within the ecosystem. And with CloudLess, our cutting-edge distributed ledger technology, you can securely store your data and access it from anywhere in the world.

Seizing new opportunities and embracing the future of online ownership

With the launch of wNFT.store and STR Domains at the recent WEB3 Berlin 2023, Europe’s largest Web3 conference, SourceLess marked a pivotal moment in the history of the digital space and is inviting individuals, businesses, and organizations to seize the opportunities of the new digital era. By embracing the power of decentralized technology, all people can now navigate the digital landscape with confidence, transparency, and ownership.

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