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dArticle.io is a web3 writing service created to cater needs of writers

Photo Christin Hume on Unsplash
Photo Christin Hume on Unsplash

Articles and writing have been the center of human civilization. Since ancient times, writing has been an important part of communication, and now with internet it has transformed into blogs. With every era that follows, writing has morphed to be able to be consumable at large.

The new onset of a changing internet has been setup by web3. And it is plenty clear that the blockchain is here to stay. Web3 world provides a lot of flexibility and control, and writers need this to be prosperous in this field.

That is why dArticle.io, a web3 writing platform, allows writers to create NFTs for their article (for free), where they can stay secured and untouched on the blockchain.

How do NFT articles protect rights?

At dArticle.io, we want every article to be an NFT. When an article gets submitted, a NFT is created is on the dArticle.io Smart contract on the Polygon blockchain. This smart contract is publicly verifiable, and a link to every verifying every NFT is present on the bottom of each article.

Verifying NFT on dArticle.io
Verifying NFT on dArticle.io

By creating an Article NFT, not even darticle.io has the ability to remove it from the blockchain. Only and only the owner of the NFT is able to do it. Moreover, the content of the data is stored on a IPFS node with an identifying hash. Article owners can download this data on their systems, and be able to host this IPFS node themselves, thus guaranteeing, that the article is never lost to the platform. You can learn more about IPFS storage here.

The dArticle.io platform does not crash, as its crucial data relies solely on decentralized providers (other than maintenance breaks). Every writer can thus feel secure that they own the rights to their article and cannot be snubbed by the platform.

Your article. Your property.

Creator economy

The internet today relies on platforms connecting audiences to creators. Here the hegemony and the underlying power of distribution rely solely on the platform. The platforms have become so powerful that they regularly disobey the host government’s guidelines and codes of conduct. Such an over-reliance on a totally private organization will be challenging and simply not have enough trust in the future.

There are many cases or reported tweets being shunned down by twitter, where they do not show up on peoples’ feeds even though they follow a certain creator. YouTube has shown to remove subscribers anonymously from your network and has an ever-standing issue with comments not being shown properly.

dArticle.io has been made with the creator economy in mind, and it is committed to it providing its users/creators the full degree autonomy that they need, while still being able to moderate hurtful or otherwise disapproved content on the platform.

Payouts and Rewards

The next important feature that darticle.io adds is that the payouts are handled completely in crypto. These payouts will be done on the Polygon chain, with fiat tokens or a native currency. The owner address of an article will be the receiver's address. Creators can sell their article NFTs to other accounts if they need to, but the rewards will move to the later address.

Final Words

dArticle.io wants to empower writers and creators. By using new technologies and scope that the blockchain provides, it guarantees its creators security and rights over their work. It is a staunch enabler of the Creator Economy and delivers on its promises.

So, head on over to dArticle.io to create your free article NFT and enjoy the perks it comes with.

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