How To Create a New Metamask Account To Login to dArticle

Learn how to create a new Metamask wallet to log in to dArticle and other dApps.

dArticle homepage
dArticle homepage

dArticle is a Web3 writing platform that lets you earn from your long-form content. dArticle lets you interact with your favorite creators and collect rewards based on the views your articles receive. 

But before doing anything, you first need to create a Metamask account to log in to dArticle. 

Step 1: Download Metamask

Navigate to Metamask.io and click download for chrome. Once it is finished downloading, you will be directed to a new page to set up your Metamask wallet. 

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Click on create a new wallet and then “I agree” to get started. You will then have to create a password for your Metamask wallet. This password will only work for the device you are using. I would recommend storing your password in a password manager like Bitwarden. 

Step 2: Secure Recovery Phrase

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Now it’s time to secure your wallet. You will need to store your secret recovery phrase safely. This 12-word phrase is your master key to your wallet and funds. 

You can store this master key also in your password manager or write it down somewhere. But make sure you do not lose it. 

Once you have stored it somewhere, you will be asked to confirm it. 

Congratulations! You have successfully created your wallet. It’s time to log in to dArticle. 

Step 3: Log in to dArticle

Now that you have Metamask click on the connect button in the Navbar. A Metamask popup will be displayed and prompt you to sign your one-time password. 

Once you enter a few basic details like your name and email, you can start writing dArticles to get your content on the blockchain. 

Every dArticle you create is an NFT linked to your address in your Metamask wallet.

Step 4: Share Your Article on Social Media

Don’t forget to share your article on social media, as every view counts for your rewards. You can share your article on Twitter and Linkedin to attract readers to your article. 

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You are viewing an NFT