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Deciding what foods are “best” for you ultimately comes down to where you are at with your health journey and what your diet has been

Deciding what foods are “best” for you ultimately comes down to where you are at with your health journey and what your diet has been up to now. Even though food is such a personal decision, here are three foods that most people can benefit from eating more of!

Organ meats –

In the standard American diet, we tend to prefer muscle meats, such as bacon, steak, or chicken breast, over the far more nutrient dense organ meats. Most people can benefit from eating more of the nutritional powerhouse that is beef liver. Beef liver stores a whole host of B Vitamins and the crucial Vitamin A. If you are to include any organ meats into your diet, make sure to find an organic, grass-fed source as this will be the healthiest option available.

In Chinese Medicine we follow the age-old doctrine of eating like to support like. This means that if you have weak lungs after a particularly nasty cold, then eating lungs will provide your body what it needs to move back towards normal! Getting used to the taste of organ meat takes some time and experimenting with recipes to find what tastes best to you.

Including a bit of organ meat in your weekly diet will be huge for your long-term health!

Bitter vegetables –

In our modern world of year-round fruits and vegetables we no longer eat the products of the seasons. In many ways this has increased our standard of living but, it can negatively affect our health. When we eat what is seasonally available in our geographic region, we attune our bodies with nature. However, the fruits and veggies we gravitate towards in our modern world tend to be sweet flavored. In TCM too much sweet leads to an accumulation of dampness and dampness can be combatted by balancing our diet with bitter flavored foods.

Dampness can be seen in lethargy, a tendency towards diarrhea or a phlegmy cough after a big milkshake.

Bitter foods help to dry out the dampness as well as provide a host of different vitamins, think about the “Kale is a superfood!” fanatics. Eating kale as well as more strongly bitter foods, such as dandelion greens, is a healthy addition to our modern diets.

Living foods –

Bacteria makes up 1 to 3 percent of the weight of the human body. Bacteria covers our skin to protect us from invading bad bacteria or fungi. Bacteria also coats our digestive tract to help us breakdown our food as well as produce important vitamins, such as vitamin K. In our modern world of antibiotic overuse and our obsessive cleaning with highly toxic chemicals, the bacteria that helps us live can get beaten down. This opens the door for bad bacteria to take their place.

We can support the good bacteria in our body by eating the living foods that have evolved alongside humans! This includes traditionally made yogurt, kefir, kombucha, miso soup and kimchi! Instead of paying for more pills to take we can skip the probiotic supplement and enjoy adding good-bacteria rich foods into our diet.

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