Solana Saga Smartphone Owners Hit Jackpot with NFT Windfall

In a thrilling turn of events, owners of Solana Saga smartphones have found themselves on the receiving end of unexpected windfalls, courtesy of the Saga Monkes NFTs. This digital asset, launched on January 6, has rapidly surged to a value exceeding $1,000 within mere days of its debut, creating ripples of excitement within the crypto community.

The Saga Monkes airdrop, exclusively designated for holders of the Solana Saga Genesis NFT, has become the talk of the town since its inception. Inspired by the success of the Node Monkeys project on Bitcoin Ordinals, the Saga Monkes NFTs were distributed for free to eligible wallets following a snapshot on January 2, totaling 8,505 NFTs.

Secondary markets witnessed a frenzy as these NFTs hit the scene. Listing at a starting price of approximately $1,250 worth of SOL, more than double the original cost of the Saga smartphone, which sold out in December at $599 due to the BONK memecoin surge.

As of the latest data from CryptoSlam on Wednesday, Saga Monkes NFTs boast an average sale price of $1,069, securing their position as the top-selling NFT project across all networks in the past 24 hours. The project has notched an impressive $2.1 million in sales, marking a remarkable 368% day-over-day increase.

While the floor price has experienced a slight dip to 7.9 SOL (approximately $790), it remains a substantial gain for Saga smartphone owners who have enjoyed various perks from their crypto-friendly devices. The initial batch of around 20,000 smartphones has proven to be a treasure trove, offering additional benefits like airdrops of the BONK meme coin and the Claynosaurz: Call of Saga NFT.

Saga Monkes NFTs has further announced plans to mint additional NFTs for airdrop to Saga owners who minted their Genesis NFT after the initial snapshot, although specific timelines are yet to be disclosed.

As owners eagerly await further updates, Solana Labs, the creator of the Saga smartphone, has kept future plans for the device under wraps, teasing enthusiasts with potential developments following the resounding success of the initial batch’s sellout in December.Related Article: Saga Phone: Solana’s Web3 Experiment Faces Sales Struggles

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