Test Article: First Article

By Joshua Penick

OpenJourney Prompt: Words on a sheet of paper | 4x upscale
OpenJourney Prompt: Words on a sheet of paper | 4x upscale

This is just a sample article for me to test out. I guess I'm wasting one of my free 10 mints. But I want to see how everything looks. 

I'm not sure how I will use this. Or if service will work. But I can still try it out and see what happens.


Heading Test H2

Heading Test H3

  1. List 1
  2. List Bold
  3. List Italic
  4. List Underline
  5. List Embedded Link

Test sample

Test sample Bold

Test sample italic

Test sample underline using keyboard shortcut

Test sample link: AgapeNovels.com  


Line break. Thought I wish it looked better than 3 stars centered.


Darticle.io seems to be basic. Limited format option. No Text alignment tools. Can't do strike though. I tried shortcuts and copying and pasting. At least as of 03/10/2023. 

Code sample by ChatGPT:

// Encrypts plaintext using the Caesar cipher
function caesarCipher(plaintext) {
  // Split the plaintext into an array of words
  var words = plaintext.split(" ");

  // Create an empty string to store the encrypted message
  var ciphertext = "";

  // Loop through each word in the array
  for (var i = 0; i < words.length; i++) {
    // Generate a random shift value for this word
    var shift = Math.floor(Math.random() * 26);

    // Create an empty string to store the encrypted word
    var encryptedWord = "";

    // Loop through each character in the word
    for (var j = 0; j < words[i].length; j++) {
      // Get the ASCII code of the current character
      var code = words[i].charCodeAt(j);

      // Shift the ASCII code by the specified shift
      code = ((code - 97 + shift) % 26) + 97;

      // Convert the shifted ASCII code back to a character and add it to the encrypted word
      encryptedWord += String.fromCharCode(code);

    // Add the encrypted word to the ciphertext
    ciphertext += encryptedWord + " ";

  // Return the encrypted message
  return ciphertext;

I do have some suggestions:

  • Embeds of YouTube/Rumbles and other social embed
  • Video/Audio player for upload video or Audio
  • More formatting control
  • Indenting for List
  • Alignment tools: Center, Justify
  • Strike thought
  • (I will probably think of more later)
  • Logging in other than metamask. Maybe Wallet Connect 2.0 (Though I used Coinbase wallet). 
  • Add Snippets from a save list.

I don't know what to expect after I publish. Or if I will be able to publish.


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