The 3 Best Crypto Hardware Wallets for 2023: Keep Your Crypto and Your Keys Secure

Use the best Crypto Hardware Wallets to protect yourself from deceitful exchanges

Image: Traxer from Unsplash
Image: Traxer from Unsplash

This year has been a roller coaster for crypto investors. First, most coins lost significant value, and some, like Luna, got wiped out. Then, we had the FTX collapse. People lost all of their crypto because it was a centralized exchange. 

It is time to store your beloved Bitcoin and Ethereum in a hardware wallet. Think of it as a hedge against the collapse of exchanges. You can put some of your crypto in an exchange and the rest long term coins in a hardware wallet. 

Anyone who holds a decent amount of crypto should use a hardware wallet. These physical pen-drive-like devices store your crypto securely. You can plug it into a computer to manage everything. 

Before you choose a hardware wallet, you should consider a few factors. The most important factor is the security of the hardware wallet. It should be unaffected by malware and it should store your private keys safely. 

Next, you need to check the different coins the wallet supports. Most hardware wallets support the common crypto such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. But, if your portfolio includes altcoins, you will need to check before hand if the wallet supports them. 

The final factor to consider is the price. The best hardware wallets are also place at a great price. 

Let's now look at the best hardware wallets to buy for 2023. 

Ledger Nano X: The Best Hardware Wallet?

Ledger is the most famous hardware wallet company, and for a good reason. This France based company is known for creating the best and most secure wallets. 

The Nano X looks like a USB and can connect to a computer through a USB cable. It can even connect through Bluetooth. It uses a CC EAL5+ chip which is a certified secure chip. It uses Bolos, which is a proprietary operating system. 

Using a computer, you can manage over 1500+ cryptocurrencies using the Ledger Live software. Even when connected to a computer, your private keys are secure and cannot be accessed. 

You can download different apps to hold different assets. The Nano X can store up to 100 apps. 

This hardware wallet can also connect to Metamask easily. 

These essential features make the Ledger Nano X a must-buy for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. 

Trezor Model T: The Safest Crypto Wallet

This wallet supports over 1000 different crypto assets. It is considered the safest crypto wallet. Trezor has been audited by many third-party researchers to test its security. 

You can look at your funds using the Trezor app or web app. You can connect to software wallets such as Metamask and Exodus. 

The Trezor Model T uses a touch screen to keep all sensitive information off your computer. It also makes navigation easy compared to the use of buttons in other wallets. 

While this is by far the best crypto wallet out there, it is hard to justify the exorbitant price. 

If money is not an issue, you should definitely go for the Trezor Model T. 

Ledger Nano S: The Best Budget Wallet

This cryptocurrency wallet is the most common because of its killer price. At around $59, it offers great security and most of the features of the Nano X. The private keys always remain on the device. It can store all the popular cryptocurrencies and some obscure ones. 

The biggest con of this device is the limited storage for crypto apps. It can store only upto 6 apps, which means you won't be able to hold many lesser known cryptocurrencies at a time. 

It doesn't have a touchscreen and it isn't as mobile friendly as other wallets due to lack of bluetooth. 

The Ledger Nano S is an excellent choice if your portfolio has only popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Link. 

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