The more you DISLIKE him, The RICHER he gets!

but that's exactly what Jake Paul wants!

I used to hate this guy too. And honestly there isn’t much to like about a brash, self-absorbed, flamboyant wannabe anyways.

                              Jake Paul in 2021 after winning against Ben Askren
                              Jake Paul in 2021 after winning against Ben Askren

But, weather you love him or hate him, Jake Paul has single-handedly proven to the world that there is no such thing as NEGATIVE PUBLICITY.

A lot of people have mixed opinions on the 23 year old from Cleveland. But few truly understand the absolute genius behind his life. While it is easy to hate on him(trust me it is so tempting to write something negative about him), and be envious of his achievements with the kind of attitude he carries, he has out shined his millions of haters and competitors to be one of the most successful YouTube Entrepreneurs at such a young age.

If you watch some of his videos before the ‘Boxing Fever’ came into his life, he still had a lot going on already — a successful YouTube channel with exponential growth, a huge fan base, a really(and I mean REALLY!) gorgeous Girlfriend, and with sponsorships from time to time as well.

His videos mainly comprised of outlandish acts that attracted a teenage fan base. But while many thought he was going to get nowhere in life, including his own brother, his entire career as a content creator took a trajectory even he couldn’t have dreamt of.

All this started with his ‘so called’ Boxing career taking of, when he followed his elder sibling- Logan Paul- and took on Deji (Comedy Shorts Gamer), for his debut amateur Boxing bout. Since then, he has somehow managed to get bigger and better fights with each passing opponent.

                              Jake Paul after picking up a first round KO
                              Jake Paul after picking up a first round KO

Here is the list of people he has fought, both amateur and as a pro:

Vs. Deji (2018)

vs. AnEsonGib (2019)

vs. Nate Robinson (2020)

vs. Ben Askren(2020)

vs. Tyron Woodley (2021)

vs. Tyron Woodley -2  (2021)

vs, Anderson Silva (2022)

Even with all the trash talking, this guy has somehow managed to back his talk. The list of names includes 4 former athletes in their own right — three of whom are also former MMA fighters.

But what is absolutely bewildering is the fact that he is actually able to gather a massive viewership for exhibition fights like these. Not only does he manage to set up huge Pay-Per-Views(b.t.w, the Ben Askren fight was one of the 10 most highest selling PPV in boxing history), he also offers his opponents bigger pay cheques than they are used to.

Seriously, a kid in his 20s offering fighters double his age million dollar paychecks is just ridiculous right? Jake Paul did it. Take Ben Askren for example, who reportedly walked away with $500,000, just for being in the ring with him for 1 round!

What makes Jake Paul an absolute Genius of a YouTube Businessman, and a perspicacious Entrepreneur is his ability to capitalize any situation, usually a causality of his immature actions.

Take the recent boxing match between his brother Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather for example. After the entire ‘gotcha hat’ fiasco, within 3 hours, his merchandise store was full with ‘gotcha hat’ t-shirts, hoodies, and …well…. Hats! Not only this, but ‘gotcha hat’ was also trending on twitter right after this. To add insult to injury, Jake got the words ‘gotcha hat’ tattooed on his right calf, cause WHY NOT!

Even these are accomplishments are merely ‘honourable mentions’ when we talk about all the other things he has amassed.

1. I’ll just let this photo speak for itself

                                       The week Jake Paul accomplished everything
                                       The week Jake Paul accomplished everything

2. He is just 25 years old

So if he decides to pursue Boxing full time, and ACTUALLY proves himself against Anderson Silva, there are bigger and better pay-cheques on the way.

3. Singing career and diss-tracks

Not that I am some kind of expert in music, but seems like he has joined the band wagon of Yotubers creating diss-tracks, and has some decent numbers.

4, YouTube Earnings

With all creators eyeing this as a source of income, Jake has already made his millions from Adsense and sponsor deals on his videos, and continues to upload regularly, so YouTube is still up there as a primary source of income.

All in all, no matter how much we hate him, looks like Jake Paul is here to stay in the game for the long run. And even if you still hate on him, this will make you rethink about Publicity and Marketing.

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