The quick guide you need to get started with Writing

In today's modern world, everything is changing. Writing too has changed, and this guide will get you up to date with todays writing.

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Most of you reading this article would have an innate curiosity about how you could start expressing yourself to a large audience. You may have compelling key insights that cannot sit idle in your head and must be shared with the world.

What is a better way to share that itching knowledge than writing?

The pen is mightier than the sword, they say!

But what good is the most powerful weapon if you don’t know how to wield it? Every weapon has to be used before you can cause any real damage or, in our case, impact the mind!

Key segments of writing

While writing is a broad-scoped topic, it is usually expressed in the form of 3 parts, and most forms fall into the category of these 3 segments: Articles, Books, and Poetry.

Articles and Blogs

Articles are the most common way form of writing. They are used when you want to deliver concise information about a specific niche. News articles talk about the latest developments on a topic, blogs give updates about an entity, and science articles talk about new ideas on a given research topic.

Books and Novels

You use this form of writing when you want to deliver information in a holistic or composite form. You essentially want to form a whole background so that a reader can understand you completely. With novels, it's only about the background, where you can deliver a beautiful story. Delivering the effect is of utmost importance, no matter how long it takes to do it.


Poetry is the subtle art of writing that is more like a dance of words. Writers ever so often dabble in poetry to get out a writing fit. Writing poetry is beautiful work combining the need to tell a story with clever wits to make it all rhyme.

Make sure to give poetry a try. It is an experience with satisfying results. It also challenges your grasp of language and improves your vocabulary simultaneously.

Where to start?

Blogging and short stories are the best way to start, in my opinion. It allows you to test your work against a real audience. As the cost and effort are relatively small when compared to a larger book, you can try more. You can build a small-sized collection of writing pieces and get recommendations, reviews and critique on your work.

An idea that today is just a small essay can develop into a book tomorrow. Give all that you have to the short content so that you build yourself up to large works.

Technical Writing

In today’s technology-heavy world, it is obvious that technology provides scope for writing. Today, technical writing is the most paying field in the writing sphere. Technical writing revolves around providing an easy way for users to understand how a new technology works.

Companies hire writers that help them write articles that make their products more understandable to potential users. Technical writers also make blogs, tutorials, and FAQs about products.

Technical writing is a field that is big in the software space. A new Software-as-a-Service product is just around the corner to advertise its new product idea.

SEO writing

Google relies on articles and other content found on a website to rank it. With enough keywords, and many websites endorsing a website, you can expect it to jump rating points and appear near the top of a search item.

Many writers are in the SEO business, writing relevant articles and publishing them on reputed websites an publications. After being accepted, reputed websites endorse the target website with back-links to their user base.

Writing Platforms

Starting as a blogger or a writer, you need a service to start writing your articles. You can start by creating your own blog on your own website, but that is a difficult task.

Thus, you can use many blogging services that help you write fast. Here is a list of top platforms-

  1. Medium.com: By far the most popular writing platform that is used by everyone. Though keep in mind it is not free. To read more articles, you need to pay 5 dollars a month. It has a good editor, and writing is completely free.
  2. dArticle.io: dArticle.io is a web3 writing platform that believes in the ownership of articles. You can create a free NFT of your article there and have it saved in a decentralized manner. You also get benefits such as crypto payouts by using it.
  3. Dev.to: Dev.to is a writing platform that is dedicated to the technology space. You can find and write about many opportunities and tools in the coding and development sphere.


This article discusses the many aspects of writing and how anyone can get started with writing. Technology writing, blogging, short stories, and novels are the corner pillars of writing today.

You can jump in by making a quick blog and see how you evolve as a writer for me there. You can also get paid for your writing work by applying for jobs.

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