Payouts in darticle.io

Currency of payouts

dArticle.io pays out its top writers in the Matic currency.

The MATIC currency is the native token of the Polygon Blockchain. As dArticle.io uses the Polygon blockchain for all of its other functionality, dArticle.io also uses the native token to handle payouts.

The currency of choice is not a static choice, and can be updated or changed at any time by dArticle.io.

Your existing payouts WILL NOT be affected by any changes in the payout currency that may occur in the future.

All payouts are handled by a secure pull-payment based protocol, provided by a secured smart contract.

Smart contract

The task of handling automatic payouts, is carried out by a smart contract.

The smart contract follows a secure, pull-payment based model. This model is the recomended model in handling payouts, for security of funds, for both the receiver and sender.

In pull-payments, the receiving party requests the smart contract to get paid. The smart contract holds the information about which add address receives how much token. You can view how much your account is said to receive by visiting the earnings page.

This is the address of the current of payout contract, which has been verified - 0x7379d0F023ef34A9ca4d3Bbd75E9801385D1f959.

For further details and verifications, you can visit - Polygon scan

The receiver has to pay for the gas fees that are incurred when collecting his/her earnings. While, It is free to look at how much balance is due for a particular account.

Frequency of payouts

Every month, a tally is created based on metrics of every article on darticle.io. Based upon the traction, likes and views an article generates, a sum of token is distributed to the authors of the article NFT's.

The author of each account gets the sum of earnings of all of his/her articles for that month.

There is no room of discussion about the payout sums, for any author.

The designated amount is pushed to the smart contract every month, and the author must, on his/her own accord collect the funds.

dArticle.io is not responsible for any Uncollected funds that may be wasted.

For more information and details, feel free to ask on our